VeFlow 76 Surf Wing



VeFlow Foil 76 – Fly and Carve Turns like Never Before

The wing is compatible with our VeFlow 86cm SUP Foil package, the Flow 76 is designed to increase your electric hydro foiling speed and provides turning performance. It can also be used without a propulsion system for surf foiling in the tiny to medium size waves. Its shape and surface area provide the stability and lift that make it great for learning, progression and tapping into the smallest waves, while its unique inverted gull wing shape makes it surprisingly fast and agile for a wing of its size.

  • High lift, stable, early takeoff
  • The inverted gull-wing shape gives great lift but also better top end performance than wings of a similar size
  • Carbon composite construction- lighter, more range and more efficient
  • Safe-T winglets help prevent injury

Use this foil as a wake foil, kiteboard, or wave foil. Foiling breaks all the rules of what we thought was possible in the waves. Foiling lets us ride the un-rideable waves. Foiling means more fun in more places, more often.

Larger rear wing increases stability and locks-in turns, plus the added bonus of being able to pump the foil for more speed when riding without the motor. The fuselage has two mast connection points to match your ride style. A 71 cm (28 in) mast is the ideal length for tapping into the energy of the waves.

*Product may not be delivered exactly as shown or described in the photos and descriptions. Because we are always working to upgrading components and adjusting to production limitations, minor changes and improvements should be expected.

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