The VeCharge battery charger has proven itself as a high-performance charger for lithium-ion cells. With the touch of a button, users can charge our specific Samsung cell with a specific algorithm for our specific power cell type. The team has worked specifically with a Samsung engineer to program our charger so our battery packs will last 1000+ cycles providing more than double the lifespan of most waterproof battery packs.

Reliability and output power

The charger’s mechanical design and component selection provide resistance against vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures. An external fan ensures that the charger can provide its maximum output power up to 75 charging volts in hot ambient temperatures. The fan is IP67-rated for ingress protection, is fully field serviceable and only runs when needed.

Charge quality and battery flexibility

Provides charge quality for different battery lead acid chemistries (wet/ flooded, sealed AGM or gel), or can support lithium-ion charging via CAN bus communication. A button on the charger’s display enables the easy selection of another pre-loaded profile, providing flexibility for all battery types.