VeCell + Fire Safe Bag



VeCell Lithium-Ion Battery + Fireproof Storage Bag

Our Samsung Lithium-Ion IP68 waterproof batteries are swappable and provides 45-minute ride time depending on your weight/speed/skills.

– Samsung high-density Li-Ion cells (CE and UL Certified)
– Superior safety characteristics
– 600+ lifecycles (double that of most other cells)
– Custom BMS (Battery management system) with over-charging, over-discharging, high current, and short circuit protection.
– Custom fireproof battery bag for safely storing your battery.
– 42Ah battery for up to 45 minutes ride time

*Product may not be delivered exactly as shown or described in the photos and descriptions. Because we are always working to upgrading components and adjusting to production limitations, minor changes and improvements should be expected.

*All products are pre-order sales with expected product delivery in April/May/Jun 2019. All sales are final.

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