When can I purchase a VeFoil board?

You can now join the pre-order email list. Priority is based upon opt-in to this list, and so you can receive our Special Bonus Package!

There is currently a three to six month lead time on all complete electric hydrofoil orders. Individual components will start to be available April – June 2019.


*Currently our electric hydrofoil is not available for purchase by US Residents and are not shipping products to the USA until we have a licensing agreement in the USA to process sales. This will be completed by the time the products are ready for shipping worldwide in April – June 2019. Be sure to opt-in to this special email list for us to notify you as soon as we are ready to start shipping in the USA.

How much will VeFoil cost?

The price for VeFoil will be released in the next month as we prepare for global sales. Our focus is on safety and affordability!


*Currently our electric hydrofoil is not available for purchase by US Residents and are not shipping products to the USA until we have a licensing agreement in the USA to process sales. This will be completed by the time the products are ready for shipping worldwide in April – June 2019. Be sure to opt-in to this special email list for us to notify you as soon as we are ready to start shipping in the USA.

How much will shipping cost?

Estimated shipping costs:
United States: $700 USD. NO sales tax on shipments to the US.
Canada: $550 USD plus applicable province tax.
Western Europe: $1000 USD plus applicable country VAT.
Australia: $1000 USD plus applicable country VAT.

Global shipping rates will be updated automatically to the products in our store and posted here once we complete calculating all the different shipping rates. We expect most locations not located in North America to have a $1000-1200 USD shipping cost.

How does the pre-order process work?

Buying your product up front, you’ll secure your spot to receive the limited production VeFoil electric hydrofoil board and will also receive a special bonus package making you and your new board stand out from the rest. We will ship according to the order it was received, but please note there will be a limited quantity of this model in 2019. So, if you want to be special and get your board sooner, order today. Please note all sales are final.

What cards/payment options do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and Direct Bank Transfer.


Is finance available?

We are working with finance partners and will be announcing finance options in the coming months.


What is the Warranty?


Can I return my VeFoil ?
All product sales are final.

What do I do if I receive a damaged product?
We strive to satisfy our customers. You may return your board and we will inspect it and determine if the board is damaged and should be replaced. You are responsible for all shipping costs.

How long will it take to receive my board once I have paid in full?

Full payment is required before shipping your board. The expected shipment date of your order will be confirmed at the time that we send you the Purchase Agreement. Units are expected to be shipped between April – June 2019.

What are the board specifications?

The VeFoil suits riders from beginner to advanced, or weight 70kg or 100kg we’ll get you foiling – 6′ x 30′ x 7′ (191 Liter)
Our short, extra thick and wide deck improves flotation and stability while standing, and allows for quicker planning to get you flying. This shortened board is highly maneuverable and easier to transport.

We wanted to design a product that anyone could learn, have fun with, and ride safely making this product ideal for schools, all family members, yacht owners, and commercial rental shops.

Are different wings and foils available with VeFoil board?

Yes, we offer 6 different front foil wings ranging from our ultra-float/pumping foil to small high-speed foils. New wings will be available on our store shortly with wings ranging from $220 – $400 you can quickly swap wings to match your riding style and weather conditions quickly and affordable!

*Note our largest wing VeFlow comes standard with our package and the other wings are addons.

If you are a DIY’er then you can convert any foil with a hollow mast that will allow wiring to pass through it.

What is the mast size?

Our mast is 71cm (28”) long. We found that 71cm is the optimal length for ease of use while still providing enough length for navigating choppy water and carving steep turns. Also, the rider can recover easier without falling in the water, it is less likely to fall on the wing, and when the rider falls it will be from a lower height.


If I break/ding a wing, how can I get it repaired?

VeFlow wings are carbon composite epoxy construction and can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist.


What material is the board made of?

The VeFoil board is crafted with advanced PVC and carbon sandwich construction.

If I damage my board, is it covered under warranty? Where can it be repaired?

The epoxy/carbon construction board can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist. VeConcepts Limited Warranty covers damage caused by defects in the materials or workmanship of the product only.

How do I charge the battery and how long?

The battery charges using a special charger that plugs into a standard household wall socket, either 220-240V or 110-120V.

The time to fully charge the VeCell battery depends on the capacity, either 35 Ah or 42 Ah, and the current available by the wall socket used. Expect charging times of between and 2.5 – 3.5 hours depending upon individual circumstances.


Can I take my VeFoil with its battery on an airplane?

Unfortunately, electric vehicle batteries are not permitted on passenger aircraft. Depending on the route, it may be possible to ship the VeCell separately on a dedicated cargo plane, via road or sea transport.

How do you know when the battery is running out?

The controller will automatically reduce the power available when the battery is close to running out. This gives you enough power to motor slowly back to shore, but not enough power to foil. For safety reasons, you should never ride further from shore than you are prepared to swim.


What is the top speed of a VeFoil electric foil?

The top speed of VeFoil depends on A) The wing used, B) The riders’ weight, and C) rider experience. In our testing, a 115kg rider using the SUP wing could foil at 7mph (11kmh) and achieved a top speed of 20mph (32kmh). An 85kg rider can foil slower and faster than the above speeds. We expect these performance metrics to improve as we further refine wings, propulsion, and propeller for final production.

How long can I ride on one charge?

Ride time and range are dependent upon A) Rider weight B) Average speed and C) Wing choice. In testing an 80kg rider achieves 40+ minutes using the SUP wing at an average speed of 25km. Remember this is continuous riding time. Most riders will likely need to rest their legs before the battery runs out of power!

What is the learning curve like? Do I need to be able to surf/SUP/Snowboard?

Learning to fly an electric hydrofoil board is different for everyone. Our unique high floatation board shape makes learning simple. Being able to do standing starts without your board sinking and tipping fast tracks the process. Some experienced surfers will be foiling in minutes, and others may take three to four sessions before they can comfortably balance and carve turns. Some people without water sports experience get the hang of foiling very quickly. However, most riders are having fun the second they squeeze the throttle for their first time. Riding on the board, even when not foiling is a rewarding feeling, and with practice, foiling becomes automatic.


Is electric hydro foiling dangerous?

Like other sports, expect to crash and have a few thrills and spills – especially when learning. Also, like other water and snow sports, learning to hydrofoil can be an extreme activity depending on the speeds you ride and the maneuvers you try to execute. There is potential to the hit the board or foil when you fall. Part of the learning experience involves learning to fall away from the board to avoid injury. The general rule is if you start to lose your balance fall away from the board and start over.


Should I wear a lifejacket/safety gear?

It is highly recommended that you wear appropriate safety gear when hydro foiling, including an approved PFD and helmet.


Does an electric hydrofoil need a license or registration?

Regulations vary from State to State, province to province, and Country to Country. For example, in Canada, electric hydro foiling is exempt from registration in some provinces, and in others, it must be registered as a vessel. VeConcepts will provide information as it comes to hand from various authorities, however, it is the responsibility of riders to be aware of and comply with regulations in their specific location.


How does the hand controller work? Is it waterproof?

The VeControl is fully waterproof, floats has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort and easy throttle control. Just turn on the power switch and you are ready to ride!


Does the VeFoil board have any weight restrictions?

VeFoil has been ridden with riders weighing up to 115kg. Heavier riders will be able to get foiling. However, our factory recommended the limit for warranty and other purposes is currently 100kg.

Can VeFoil board be used in waves?

While it can be ridden in a wave or ocean swell (just like a SUP or Surf foil) it is not suitable for riding breaking waves in the surf zone. Riders do so at their own risk.
These boards are much heavier than a surfboard or SUP Foil, and therefore are more dangerous to riders or other water users if caught in a wave. We recommend you use a paddle Sup or Surf foil for dedicated wave riding.

VeFoil should never be ridden in the breaking surf zone, near other water users (including swimmers and surfers) or offshore from swimmers and surfers (in case the board is pushed towards shore in a wave).

How much does a complete VeFoil board weigh?

The complete VeFoil package weighs between 25kg and 35kg depending upon the battery, and wing.

Is VeFoil environmentally friendly?

Its battery powered meaning it can be charged using renewable energy. Our hydrofoil efficiency makes it potentially the most environmentally friendly ‘powered’ watercrafts available.